Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Woh, look. I'm not dead. Shocker, right?

I just need to throw something out there -- I have never used my brain this much in my life. Seriously, I thought about it today, and I was thinking and moving and in class and working and just DOING stuff for twelve hours straight today. My "breaks" consisted of me, rushing across campus to my next scheduled appointment, and tomorrow looks even more hectic. Everything has been moving at a nonstop pace since I got back to school, and please don't think that I'm complaining about it; I'm not. I'm busy and stressed and more than slightly overwhelmed sometimes, but I love it. I love being back here, and I love the environment. It's been wonderful.

The only sad part is that I have had loads of ideas for funny blogs floating about in my brain, just like a distant, happy memory. Remind me to tell you about the completion of my journey into becoming Julie. It's somewhat amusing. Also, you should definitely hear about my job. All that I can say is that as awful as this summer was, being a writing consultant is equally wonderful. The pains of being a Russian student, the fun of living in an apartment with all girls, the irony that come with being a college student -- I have so many stories for you and no time to tell them!! Truly, it's a travesty of epic proportions.

Naturally, I have a million hours of homework and other commitments in front of me this evening. But I missed this. And I rather miss all of you. Unfortunately, this year is the antithesis of my freshman year -- I now schedule my life by the hour. I'm not kidding; it's ridiculous. My point is this: hi. We'll talk soon. Don't worry.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To My Devoted Following.

Dear Mrs. Geniac and Taylor,

I am sorry that I have been unable to entertain you with silly stories lately...writing for pleasure seems like a distant dream. I am currently cemented in the middle of my day, T-2 minutes until sociology starts and that much closer to another homework filled evening. Trust me when I say that I miss you, even more than I miss this blog...but I'll be back sooner or later. It's inevitable.

Oh look, we're starting. Love you both [and any other readers who stumble upon this sad, neglected forum]. Come visit soon!!