Friday, June 6, 2008

Vitamin C

I will admit it: I have a theme song.

This is not to be confused with theme music; believe it or not, I don't have a running score to my daily existence [at least, not that anyone else can hear...]. I do, however, have a theme song, a song that captures my mindset for the time being, and I am not the only one.

Graduation season as a whole has adopted a theme song apparently. Every year, a new sentimental little number tries to oust it, but no, there it remains, firmly cemented in everyone's head from mid-May until the therapy treatments prove effective enough to help victims push past the pain.

You guessed it: I'm talking about Vitamin C.

First of all -- what?? What is that name?? Vitamin C? When I first saw the music video on the Disney channel in middle school I thought that it was because she had orange-ish hair. Follow me here: I saw orange-ish hair, thought CarrotTop, knew there were vitamins in carrots [potentially vitamin C, for sure], and said, "Oooh, okay, that makes sense."

This girl really needs to fire her manager.

Anyway, this song has a way of embedding itself within the braincells of anyone close enough to even have an idea that it might be playing in a thirty mile radius. It is that potent. I went to my beautiful little sister's graduation last night, and that song was freaking in the air. Nobody had to say anything, we all knew what the other person was thinking, and then SOMEBODY had to break the tension by just singing the damn song, and of course that person was my annoying [yet incredible] little brother Taylor, and then it was my own personal Waterloo not to hum that tune that so ingeniously rips off poor, dead Pachelbel, and just like Napoleon I was defeated. For the rest of the night, all I could say was "As we go on we remember..." Consequently, is Vitamin C singing or rapping? Opinions and/or thoughts would be appreciated...

Right, so I have gone through the past day and a half with this song stuck in my head, and it is making me think [I'm sorry...I can't help myself]. High school was far from my favorite time of life. I was ready to graduate halfway through sophomore year. I think that I have literally been looking forward to college since I was in third grade, and once I finally arrived this year, I knew I was right -- I was made for college. I love it. Still, there is something about graduation season that has always made me reflective, emotional.

This song actually makes me kind of sad that I rushed through high school. It's ridiculous that this obnoxious, iconic little ballad hits me so profoundly, but it really does. As much as I hate how cliched it has become, the message rings true [part of it at least...after all, I have already lost contact with all but a handful of my graduating class, so the "Friends Forever" part might be a bit of a stretch]. Graduation is the end, but like all ends, it marks a new beginning. I am a firm believer in Dr. Seuss when he said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

I may have disliked high school. Nothing in the world would be incentive enough for me to repeat those four years. Still, there were some moments, some flickering snapshots of my life during which I knew that I loved where I was that very second. I guess those memories make everything worth it.

Still, I am so over this song [and is it called "Graduation" or "Friends Forever"?? This artist is DISTURBED!!]. The good news is, once I wrench it out of my mind, I will never hear it again...until next May...because after all, when else is this song EVER played??


Jillana said...

haha, when i saw it in middle school, i totally thought that her hair was the same color as Sunny Delight, which has vitamin C in it haha

ttcrook said...

I HATE SCHOOL!!! LAST FULL DAY. this update was about status quo... it got the song stuck in my head, which I then got stuck in your head, like you said, a vicous circle, anyway, I have to review... ttfn