Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Other News...

As a rule, I am fundamentally against people who trek across the tundra that is Grand Valley's campus plugged into their iPods. I mean, really? Is that necessary? Are you that dependent on your music that you can't just walk ten minutes without it? Kind of pathetic, don't you think?

I admit, when I first got to college last year, I thought that it was a requirement. I dabbled in the notion a bit, all the while tucking yoga pants into would-be Ugg boots and jealously eying the never-ending parade of NorthFace jackets. I carried hot chocolate disguised as coffee and blended in perfectly.

Except I hate blending in. And I really hate feeling alone amidst a sea of humanity. And with earbuds clogging any sound from the outside world, I felt like I looked just like every other Ugg/Northface zombie on campus. So I stopped bringing my iPod to class and started to simply stare at the ground ahead of me as I walked, something that I viewed as much more socially responsible and mature.

Well, here's the thing. The other day I was listening to music when I was getting ready for class and I had to leave in the middle of a great song. I mean, an iPod is portable for a reason, right?? I looked at my taxi-cab yellow iPod and thought to myself, "Am I really going to do this?" I heaved a sigh, grabbed the headphones and left.

Shockingly, I fell warily in love with it. Because, for starters, when I'm walking it's like I have theme music or a soundtrack playing for my life, which in turn makes me literally BELIEVE that I live in a movie, which is only, oh I don't know, my DREAM COME TRUE. And let's be honest, walking around with music that only you can hear puts you in your own little world. And it's BAMF Land. Population: Uno.

Plus, I actually liked the tiny sliver of anti-socialness in my life. I feel like I run into 12 people I know everywhere I go, and I honestly don't want to see 9 of them. Whereas before, sans iPod, I would have to crane my neck to look at a tree I passed 5 minutes earlier or else maintain rigid eye contact with my feet, now I just put a look on my face that says, "Curse you, Alyssa! What sort of weird musical nonsense am I listening to NOW?? Better change the song...and I need to focus very don't talk to me..." The best part is, even if they do call out my name, I CAN'T HEAR THEM!! Oh my gosh, this plan is brilliant!

I mean, there are downsides, obviously. I'm sure this is a phase, like when I was obsessed with Mah Jongg, or when I wanted to name my future children after days of the week [I still think that would be slightly cool. And it's not like I would have seven kids and just go down the line...just one effing sweet little girl named Friday. I would like to see you try to tell me that I am not Queen of BAMF Land, go ahead, TRY!!] and sometime next week I will be like, "Whatever. I will leave the iPod at home, because I am a bigger person than that and I am not dependent on it...."

Until then, however, don't take offense if I "don't see" you on campus. This too shall pass. Soon I will be back to the obnoxiously outgoing, friendly, effervescent Carly that you know and love...but for now I'm in BAMF Land, living my movie, and I won't be back till later.


Jillana said...

oh my gosh.
this was hilarious.
I think what I like about ur writing is that you say what everyone else thinks but wouldn't admit...does that make sense?

anyway, I love it.

Shelby said...

I am for sure guilty of being an ipod-dependent campus walker. But I like to think that I take it to the next level...
You see, when I am standing in the sub-zero weather at the good 'ole Bursley bus stop, waiting with fifty other kids to compete for four open spots on the next bus, I just try to make light of my dismal situation by obnoxiously bobbing my head or tapping my feet to Estelle's "American Boy" or my new favorite "Weekend Warriors" by A Change of Pace.
It's all just what you make of it, sister, and I personally love it.