Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Life, According to the Numbers.

1 day until this midterm essay is due.
1500-1800 words required.
0 words written.
3 cds burned this afternoon.

4 days until Spring Break.
1 essay,
1 exam,
3984398 hours in the language lab,
2 embarrassing volleyball classes,
12 shifts,
and 1 conference presentation
until I'm free.

55.01 dollars to fill my gas tank today.
0.01 dollars that I actually paid.
My dad is awesome.

2 more months of rent to pay.
8 more weeks left of school.
61 days until graduation.
1 summer to plan.
1 life to enjoy.
0 left fingernails unbitten.

1 girl ready for the whirlwind that = post-spring break winter semester.
Bring it.


Taylor said...

Gosh. I love you.
I just came to your blog to read through old posts, find a favorite, post it on your wall, and tell you to start blogging again. But thank you Jessie for already getting to that. And the last post... beautiful :)

Anonymous said...