Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Morning, 9:03 am

I never understood the concept of blogs...it was all a little too Xanga for my taste. I mean, who cares? Who reads these? Who really wants to know the minutia of a stranger's everyday life? Are bloggers simply narcissistic journalism dropouts? Bored writers with a superiority complex?


But as I sat in this office day after day, and I stared at the traffic that beats the tarmac outside the window, my mind slipped into a nearly comatose state. One can only Facebook for so long before their brain begins to ooze out of any available orifice; I think that I may have reached that threshold on Tuesday last week. This morning, though, a spark of genius ignited within me -- write! I do it anyway, but write for an audience! A blog is not simply a forum for vain, silly people to record their thoughts...no, a blog is the literary equivalent of a gym, a place to flex and work out thoughts, develop a voice, perfect technique. A blog is God's gift to bored, trapped writers who have 9-5 desk jobs.

And so as I answer phones, enter listings, deal with ridiculous clients, and avoid the owner [so as to avoid the monotonous busywork that inevitably follows in his wake] I will use my job description to my advantage; so many thoughts, so many experiences, so little time. This blog is my new safe-haven, my respite from real estate agents and trashy tenants. This is my forum, the resting place of the misadventures of my first summer home from college.



republicanman7 said...

excuse my lack of sympathy darlin...wanna trade jobs?

Jillana said...

yay! carly has a blog...me too!

Carlson said...

lol you crack me up