Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Three more days...

I want to lie in the sun.

I want sweat to drip off of my skin, my golden brown skin, softened and moistened from the delicious smelling tropical tanning oil.

I want to lose my perception of color, to see everything in the haze of the brilliant, fiery orb.

I want to ache in the heat, to roast and toast on an oven of sand, to dive into clear water and see the oil float away from me, swimming on top of the glassy surface.

I want the hot air to dry my body while I uncurl like a cat, stretching and purring on a big, soft towel.

I want my muscles to relax, to lengthen, to melt down to nothingness in the heat.

I want to see the bikini lines on my body, the border between brown and white, the difference so perceptible it could separate countries.

I want to shimmer in the haze, glossy pink lips shining like neon lights against my deep, dark skin, melty in the sultry heat, like the gleaming Greek goddesses of yesteryear.

I want to do nothing all day long, except revel in the rays, let the sun and my lioness-like laziness mysteriously sap my energy.

I want to feel the coolness of night, shiver and get goosebumps at the stark contrast between night and day at the beach.

I want to lie in the sun.

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Nick said...

I think you should enter this somewhere, seriously. I am not into this type of literature, usually, but it has been on my mind since I read it last week(not in a creeper way, lol, so no worries).