Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Don't feel sorry for yourself.

What do you have to regret? You have been forgiven, you have been redeemed, you have been promised enormous, beautiful, great things. So live in those promises.

Choose to believe God.
Choose to believe Him when it doesn't feel like His promises are true.
Choose to live in joy, even when your heart hurts.
Choose to bask in that freedom and peace, because the God of the universe created you for this moment.

So choose this day who you will follow -- your own flawed heart, the same thing that beats in your chest and has misled you every day of your life, or the One who created it. Who created you. Who designed you with a purpose.

Your sacrifices are very small in the very large picture that is Christ's plan.
He has more for you.
So much more.
He promises... so believe.


Trena Ivy said...

Yep, a future Beth Moore. I can see it.

Lucky Girl said...

Amazing Word.

Yes, today I choose to lay down my agenda, my desires and hopes for this day and the rest. I choose to put my faith in the One who already knows what my tomorrows hold and trust Him to take care of them for me. All I need to do is keep my eyes on Him and place my worries at His feet.

Thank you for reminding me Carly. Love you GG (Godly Gurl)!

Anonymous said...